My passed checkride


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So, today was a retake. I got a plane for 30 minutes before the ride, went through missed parts. DPE told me "Think of me as your wife and fly like you would fly her around"

My incomplete points were Turn around a point, Takeoffs and landings, and emergency procedures.

1st takeoff - normal. Asked to remain in pattern. He pulls power and tells me to land. I took it all the way down to runway for touch and go.

2nd - depart straight out, pick a spot for turn around a point. I picked exact spot that I did before in practice.

3rd - Asked to take heading 330 and pulled the engine. I showed the green field and shot for that. He asked me direction I will land in, I said I would like to land into the wind, but at this point I am more concerned with getting safely on the ground, so I won't make sharp, last minute turns.

4th - Asked to take him back to airport, where he told me "Airport is soft field, and there are 2 inches of snow. No obstacle". I landed that. Asked me to go back to the ramp, to receive my temp cert.

After all paperwork is done, took my mother and my sister up to a nearby field for lunch. Unfortunately restaurant was closed, but hey, 1st time I am landing on a field I was not cleared for. Awesome feeling.