Yes lasers are dangerous to shine at aircraft - but ...

We have serious felony creep in the US now.
Interesting. I see and experience quite the opposite. Then again, I don’t think most US laws are draconian either. But as they say, laws are only for law-abiding citizens. So bottom line, I just wish they would enforce all laws equally instead of the law de jour they practice now which I find to be very totalitarian.
Regardless, when it comes to aviation related rules and regulations I am a stout believer in their proper compliance and enforcement. Unfortunately, when these rules are not followed as intended there have always been constant reminders of the consequences... just as the increasing aircraft incidents with lasers and drones have moved them into the "not if but when" category. Time will tell.
related story in the Boston Herald today (14 May 2024) where man was arrested for pointing a laser at a Coast Guard copters attempting to land at Mass General Hospital.

Sure. it was a training mission.... this time..., but interfering with an operatione that could have had a medical emergency on board is beyond something that deserves just a slap on the wrist.

laser arrest.jpg